Sexpert #13

  Dear Sexpert: I have a question that I probably already know the answer for, but here goes anyway.  What kind of safe sex can you have with a guy is HIV+, if you are HIV-.  I never bareback, so … Read More

Sexpert #12

We hope you will have time to answer this email: Recently, we saw some hot cum eating and kissing scenes in a new MSR video. While the action was incredibly sexy, we were surprised to see this action portrayed in … Read More

Sexpert #9

Dear SEXPERT: I am 55 years old and back in the single life again. Its a whole different world now and with internet connections and chat rooms I feel that I live in a different time. In 1989 my first lover … Read More

Sexpert #7

Doc- I was a bit surprised when i read your SEXPERT article in the December issue of Men magazine.  First, 13 inches is a mamoth dick but guys like me who enjoy them are out here. Clearly the person who … Read More

Sexpert #8

I have a boyfriend who keeps telling me that honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. He says he would leave me if I ever lied to him. And that’s the problem. He asked me point blank one … Read More

Sexpert #5

Hi Mark- I have read your column in “Men” for awhile now and almost always find your advice to be very sound.I am a 45 year old gay man living here in Philadelphia.I am very fit,attractive,successful,have great friends and family … Read More

Sexpert #3

Dear Mark Recently, I was in a group scene with my partner.  There were a total of about five guys in all.  For some reason, as it began, I began to get uncomfortable.  I think it may have been that … Read More

Sexpert #2

If I tell my lover some of the fetishes I’m into I think he will leave me. I like the guy but I’m not sure he is ready to hear the total truth. Many former lovers have thought of me … Read More

QuestionMark? #74

Dear Mark, I split up 2 years ago with my boyfriend. I am living with fears since then. When i split up with him, he told me he was HIV positive, about six months ago i called him and he … Read More

QuestionMark? #75

Dear Mark, I’m currently involved in this love triangle. I just ended a nine and a half year relationship. I miss him a great deal but I never loved him. Two years ago, we decided to open up our relationship … Read More