Sexpert #7

July 22, 2016by Mark Rutherford

I was a bit surprised when i read your SEXPERT article in the December issue of Men magazine.  First, 13 inches is a mamoth dick but guys like me who enjoy them are out here. Clearly the person who wrote in to you is not looking/or finding the right people.  There is so much more to do with that than take it up the ass.
The Bigcocksociety has a few listings for ppl in my general area, but when i sent an email to one i got an email error right away… So i struggle with the opposite of what the writer suffers from.  I have trouble finding them!
If he is in my area ( Chicago-land ), please send him my email.    🙂  🙂

Thanks,  I enjoy your articles.


Hey Len, Good to hear from you and thanks for writing in.  You and a number of other guys who like men who are well endowed have written me.  I can’t give you much information on the bigcocksociety.  I have been told they have an online site with regional listings.  Maybe that will work for you.


When all else fails, I say put your interests out there.  If you have an online personal.  Include that you’d love a guy with a big cock.  There’s no shame in that.  People joke about “size queens” but think of it this way….they are royalty and enjoy getting serviced by the best. 🙂


Happy Hunting and  Have a great day!!  Take Care, Mark