QuestionMark? #76

my name is Bill.  I’m not sure if you got my first email about a week ago.  I think I messed up the address.  I was wondering if you would be interested in starting a support group for gay male … Read More

QuestionMark? #77

Dear Mark, I have been seeing this guy for about six months now. He’s a great guy and about ten years my senior. The only problem is that he is just getting out of a long term relationship. It was … Read More

QuestionMark #78

Dear Mark, I am top Puerto Rican gay, 42 with bright brown eyes and very handsome. I have a problem. People just come looking to me for sex. I do not like going with different men. I would like a … Read More

QuestionMark? #79

Dear Mark I wanted to respond to a letter you wrote a few months ago. You said this was a manageable disease and I disagree with you. Since you work with people afflicted with HIV/AIDS, I wanted to write in … Read More

QuestionMark? #80

I have been trying to get a legal status in this country since 1990 and the only thing I have so far is an adjusting status meaning work permit and social security. I’m 43 y/o married w/ one child 15 … Read More

QuestionMark? #81

Dear Mark,   I decided to take your advice and talk to John… We talked on Saturday afternoon and I got my answer. I left, after talking with him, in tears and full of sadness for having lost something that … Read More

QuestionMark #82

  I got your information from the Express Newspaper.  I am writing to you because, I have a question to ask you, from your ad, I understand you specialized in gay issues.  I am a 24 year old man, I … Read More

QuestionMark? #83

That is an AWESOME op-ed on the state not only of the Catholic church, but of all churches.  I know that for me, my heart broke, and almost my spirit of faith, in the midst of the “coming out” process … Read More

QuestionMark? #84

Dear Mark, I have been an out and proud gay woman for almost 15 years. Count them….15. I told my parents that I was gay as a teenager almost as soon as I knew myself. A few years after that … Read More

QuestionMark? #86

Dear Mark, I’m writing you this letter because I’ve become unnerved at the way gay life if represented in the media. Well not how actually but “who”. I was okay when Eric McCormac, a straight man played gay in the … Read More