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July 22, 2016by admin0


I got your information from the Express Newspaper.  I am writing to you
because, I have a question to ask you, from your ad, I understand you
specialized in gay issues.  I am a 24 year old man, I have always depended on
my parents for financial support. I just finished school abroad and just
recently came out to my parents and they don’t approve of it, so I was
thrown out of the house and right now I am staying with a friend of the
family. .  I come from a very comfortable family and I’ve always was able to have what I
wanted and now I can’t.  I went to private schools, went abroad for college
and now I feel so lost.  It’s not just the financial issue, is also my
relationship with my parents.  It’s very hard for me and I know it’s very
difficult for them.  I am the only child and also adopted. I feel like I
let them down.  Now that I told my parents I am not sure it was the right
thing to do.  I suffer from depression and I take medication, but at this
moment can’t afford any therapy.   I was wondering if you knew of someone or a
facility that takes patients that can’t afford a therapist.  Right now it even feels weird to think about being around other gay people. Can you please help me?



Hey Irving, I have just the place for you. It is called Sunserve Counseling Services. It is a collective of gay and lesbian therapists who specialize in gay and lesbian issues. I am a part of that collective. It is located at the Metropolitan Community Church on Davie Blvd in Fort Lauderdale and they work on a sliding scale to accommodate any income. Call their main number is 954-764-5557. It is an automated line so push the prompt to make an initial appointment. They will make sure you can afford it.


If you have any more questions please send me an email and I’ll do what I can. You did a courageous thing by telling your parents. I can’t tell you it’s all going to be alright but I can tell you that the worst is over. You will never have to live in shame and silence again. Just remember, it took you a long time to come to grips with your sexuality. It’s going to take your parents a little time as well. Get some books and do some reading. Give them some books to read when you feel they are ready. Continue to be open to try and talk to them. In the meantime, get yourself into some counseling and maybe even a coming out group. The folks at SunServe are a dedicated group. They will help guide you through this.


It’s not abnormal to feel weird around other gay people at this point in your life. In fact, most gay people go through this stage. When you are just coming to terms with your sexuality is when you often times don’t have any friends around to support you. It’s when you need them most. That’s why seeking out other gay and lesbian peers is very important for you now. You need to hear others stories and learn to feel more comfortable in their presence.


Sometimes I counsel people to wait to tell their parents until they are in a more secure living arrangement. But it really is okay that you’ve already done so. Time is a great healer. Find a way to get through the day to day existence of your life. Then you can worry about how to deal with your parents. Again, please keep in touch and let me know how it’s going for you and if I can do anything to help.


Take Care, Mark

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