QuestionMark? #99


Dear Mark,

My boyfriend and I are on our 3 major break up. We have these blow out fights, break up and then about 3 months later realize how much we miss each other and get back together. Then after a few more months, we start annoying each other in the same way and we’re back to square one…fighting about the same things all over again. I don’t want to keep doing this fovever. We broke up after xmas and are now beginning to talk again. I know he wants to get back together. I do too. But I want it to be different. What should I do?


Getting love you want….hendrix. couples therapy. Discuss process not content. Give example…not fork in the kitchen sink but how it makes you feel when he does that. Core intimacy dance that all couples do. Learn what the dance and power struggle is about. Usually a power struggle is in the unconscious. A dialogue will allow you to bring it into your consciousness and talk about it in a constructive way.




Dear Mark,

I’m new to being out in the gay world. I’m 18 and people say I’m very handsome. I know that whenever I go out I get looks from a lot of people. All kinds of men…young and older. Truthfully, I’m attracted to older men more but I think they think because I’m young I may not be interested in them. I have tried to get them to notice that I am interested in them but I think I must not be getting my point across. My question is “Is there a better way to flirt out there?”


All kinds of diff. ways. Sublte to blatant. Old gay standard of walking down a street, passing a cute guy, counting to 10 then glancing back over your shoulder. If he is looking back he’s interested. You could glance a few more times and then fade away or could take the bull by the horns and change direction and go introduce yourself. If he’s looking he’s interested. Smile, batting of eyes, eye contact, or you could grab his dick on the dance floor. All kinds of ways. No one specific way. It’s a lot of fun. Make it a game. Try new and different ways. Experiment. Find what you like and what you don’t whats works and what doesn’t. You’re young. You’ve got plenty of time.


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