Early Release

August 7, 2016by Mark Rutherford

I tend to be a premature ejaculator and my penis is very sensitive and actually quite small.  I always am embarassed when I have sex, but my partner says he doesnt care.  Also, when Im done cumming, I am not interested in sex anymore.  Is there something majorly wrong with me or what???

Hey There,

You question was actually in two parts so let me start with your first concern.  Every man, gay or straight, has at some point worried about the size of his penis.  Some are concerned, like you, that it is too small.  Some guys, believe it or not, worry that their penises are too big. Some of their sex partners are turned off by it.  I tell them the same thing I’m going to tell you.  There is somebody out there for everyone.  Some guys like guys with small penises.  Some men love to top a nice looking guy with a great ass and a small dick.  It’s a huge turn on for them.  There is a certain power dynamic involved that is questionable but for many couples it works.  Also, some men love to bottom for guys with small dicks because they are sensitive around getting fucked.  Guys with larger penises hurt them during insertion.  So they actually look for guys with small endowments.  God gave you what you have.  There is very little you can do about it.  Seek out the men who appreciate your god given gifts and enjoy.

Your concern about not being interested in sex after you cum is another story.  For the most part, it is somewhat common to veer away from sexual thoughts right after you have ejaculated.  That is somewhat of the purpose of cumming.  You’re horny.  You look for sex until you find it.  You have sex.  You cum.  And then you can get on with the rest of your day.  Pretty normal scenario.   My question to you would be how long you are uninterested in sex after ejaculation and what your specific thoughts are.  If it’s “now I can get on with my day” thoughts and you don’t think about it until later that day or the next day, it seems fine.  If you’re thoughts are “I can’t believe I just did that.  I must NEVER do that again”, then you have an issue around sexuality.  My suggestion either way would be to get yourself to a good therapist, preferably a gay one, and talk more in depth about some of your feelings and thoughts around sex.   Find out what motivates you toward a sexual encounter and what draws you away from one.  The answers to those questions should give you more insight.  Good luck.